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Max Vocab provides interesting and insightful information on the history of specific words.

Max Vocab creates online worksheets and articles for A number of the articles have been collected into a Heinemann book - MAX VOCAB - Fun Lessons in the English Language.

Max Vocab also has a second, related English-to-go book published by Reed - MAX VOCAB - Journeys in the English Language.

Max Vocab has been at English-to-go for a number of years and created many mini-articles looking at where our language comes from. For example, chocolate is a vegetable containing vitamin B and iron, and some choclate scholars believe the word chocolate came about because the original pronunciation sounded rather unwelcome in elegant Spanish speaking society... especially when describing something brown. To find out more, read the worksheet.

A way with Words!

English-to-go also has Max Vocab vocabulary worksheets for students at various levels to help with those tricky elements of English and to give practice with various word familes. Have a look at a worksheet for elementary English students about 'have' and 'do'.

The Main Max
While there are different people who work on Max Vocab articles and worksheets, they all agree there is a Main Max - Max Cryer.

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